Segment Description

CoreNet Global Young Leaders Committee 

Sub-Committee Descriptions


Executive Committee

The Executive committee consists of the Chair and Vice Chair roles and oversees all actions taken by the sub-committees. The Vice Chair serves in a supporting role to the Chair with the intention to move into the Chair position when their term has expired.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend and lead monthly committee calls
  • Manages the overall affairs of the global committee
  • Incumbent should be familiar with CNG Global bylaws, policies and other requirements.
  • Works with committee chairs to develop the agendas for board meetings, and presides at these meetings.
  • Oversees the election process for board members.
  • Serves as principal spokesperson for the Young Leaders to outside agencies and Corenet Global.
  • Functions as liaison to and between committees
  • Attend Chapter Leaders Forum in Atlanta held annually at the beginning of February



The Summits segment assists and leads in the development and planning of YLC’s initiatives related to the Global Summits. The initiatives will focus on programming, networking and young leader visibility at all three of CoreNet Global's Summits.

Responsibilities include:

  • Discussion of topics
  • Submitting proposals for the APAC, EMEA and NA summits
  • Locating moderators and/or speakers for the sessions
  • Coordinating each session with the Summits team at Global



The Programs segment leads the development and planning of relevant and quality educational and professional development programs for all CoreNet Global Young Leaders.  Programs may consist of: Virtual Learning Programs (e.g. WebEx) and Summit sessions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Discussion of potential topics
  • Search for the best experts representing the topic
  • Executing the programs


Chapter Liaison

The Chapter Liaisons segment leads the identification, expansion and interconnectedness of Young Leader local chapters across CoreNet Global.  The Chapter Liaison segment acts as a brand ambassador of the YLC, communicating upcoming initiatives, sharing helpful information, highlighting local chapters and increasing overall Young Leader awareness of the YLC mission.

Responsibilities include:

  • Holding monthly calls to allow for young leaders from any chapters to connect and share best practices
  • Championing CoreNet Global initiatives and policies to young leader representatives from chapters



The Communications & Website segment acts as a medium for the YLC and larger Young Leader community.  The segment is responsible for updating the YLC’s website, actively moderating the group forum on LinkedIn and assist in marketing overall YLC initiatives (i.e. programs, workshops, announcements, etc.). 

Responsibilities include:

  • Website management
  • Programs branding
  • Social Media


To increase, diversify and enhance membership and opportunities for young leaders throughout CoreNet Global. The membership segment is responsible for initial contact with all new young leader members as well as continued communications with members regarding renewals and retention.

Responsibilities include:

  • Welcome new Young Leader members
  • Communicate to encourage young leader members to renew
  • Promote young leader specific benefits to members