Serena Rossi

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Serena Rossi
French Networking Group Chapter Young Leader, and representative of Chapter board focused on "Belong-Community"

Tell us a little about your current role. 
I’m currently working as a project manager in the Real Estate and Facilities department at Oracle, managing RE projects in EMEA.  

Why were you interesting in getting involved in CoreNet?
I joined Corenet Global when I started working in the CRE Industry. It is a fantastic organization for learning and networking and it has been really a great opportunity to meet CRE professional when I moved from Milan to Paris. Being part of the French board is very inspiring and I’m proud to contribute to boost interest for Corenet Global among French professionals!

What keeps you up at night?
Challenges! I like finding solutions or thinking about creative ways of solving topics I’m facing. Night is perfect for focusing, as there is no pressure and a relaxing silence.

What three words embody your personal brand?
Team builder, solutions oriented/pragmatic and passionate of my work and learning

How do you spend time outside of the office?
I love travelling. When I’m in Paris, I love discovering new parts of the city and, of course, have a break in one of the several cafés.

What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?
It’s the workplace implementation success. People are spending so much time at the office! Our work and engagement is so important as we are providing not only a desk, we are creating the place where people's professional activity and social interactions take place. It’s learning from past experiences, understanding new needs and cultural/business changes in order to have always more successful implementations and gain general buy-in. It’s seeing excitement of people when they first come in the new office and they are still promoting it after several months!

What is it like to work in your particular location?
I’m working for a US company, so its culture is not typically French, I like this “mélange”. Paris is a wonderful city with great architecture and has a very strong culture. It’s very enriching and a great experience, I would recommend it!